Becoming Crystalline

Men's Healing Bufo Retreat 4/21-4/24

March 30, 2023 Crys Armstrong
Becoming Crystalline
Men's Healing Bufo Retreat 4/21-4/24
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As Brothers we walk into the Desert,
To lose our Minds and remember our Hearts.
The Earth gives us all we need,
Medicine, Food, Shelter,
We only need to forget what we think we know,
And learn how to see with new eyes.

Dear Brothers! I invite you to join me as we embark upon a journey of Death and Rebirth. As Men, we have been confused for so many generations. Our Fathers did their best, and their fathers, and their fathers, for so long…but their best was not enough.

On April 21st, we caravan across 2 borders…from Arizona to Mexico…and then from Mexico into the Comcaac Nation, home of the Seri Tribe. We will be on sacred land, sovereign tribal land, protected and held as we sit with sacred medicine.

Bufo Alvarius, the Sonoran Desert Toad, contains Bufotein and 5-MeO-DMT, two powerful psychedelics that, when smoked, send you on a journey to the heart of the cosmos. Bufo has helped me feel the true, pure love of the one creator. It has helped me heal my addictions. It has given me the energy and strength to feel all of the emotions that I refused to feel. It has helped me remember who I am.

We as men have been not only disconnected from our emotions, but we have been disconnected from our Body and from our true Mother, the Earth herself. Come and release the BS that blocks you from being who you are. Come and feel the sand beneath your feet. Come and remember that you are supported, loved, and held by the Universe itself.

During our retreat we will celebrate:
-The Healing Power of the Breath
-The Power of Cultivating Male Sex Energy
-The Medicine of the Desert
-The People of the Seri Tribe
-Primal Movement
-The Healing Power of Brotherhood
-Sleeping in Nature, Under the Starry Night Sky


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