Becoming Crystalline

My Relationship with The Goddess

December 28, 2022 Crys Armstrong Season 4 Episode 10
Becoming Crystalline
My Relationship with The Goddess
Show Notes

When I first woke up, I surrendered fully to the process. This act of surrender led me to connect with The Goddess, the Divine Feminine Creative Essence. Over these last years my understanding and connection with The Goddess has evolved, and today I want to share that with you.

The Feminine is returning to Earth, regaining balance with the Masculine, and it is so important for Men to heal their wounded masculine, to shift from Boy energy to Man energy. This is where I come in to support you. I am now accepting applications for my 12 Week Transformation Process, designed to help Men to heal the wounds they have inherited, to break free of the unconscious patterns and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in loops of trauma and pain. Find out more at, follow the links to submit an application, or schedule a call to learn more about the process.

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