Becoming Crystalline

9 Signs You are a Highly Sensitive Man

December 15, 2022 Season 4 Episode 8
Becoming Crystalline
9 Signs You are a Highly Sensitive Man
Show Notes

What is a Man? Protector. Provider. Warrior. Sensitive? In our culture Sensitive is a negative word when used to describe a man. Yet so many of us are Highly Sensitive...but most wouldn't know it because they have been programmed to feel shame when we express emotions or tune into the subtle energies of our environment.

In celebration of the Launch of my Men's Transformational Coaching Program, I want to dive in deeper on the topic of Highly Sensitive Men, the very group I am here to support. 

Learn 9 signs that you too are a Highly Sensitive Man, and understand why you chose this tremendous gift when you incarnated on Earth. It is not an easy path, but your presence and your gifts are so necessary as Humanity Evolves.

Bonus! Learn 6 ways tricks to help you better live in peace and harmony as a Highly Sensitive Man.

If you are ready to CELEBRATE your gift of Sensitivity, instead of numbing it out, visit my website at and schedule a Discovery Call to learn more about my fully customized program, and how I am perfectly equipped to support you as you embrace your authentic self.

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