Becoming Crystalline

It's Time to Control Your Mind!

June 18, 2022 Crys Armstrong
Becoming Crystalline
It's Time to Control Your Mind!
Show Notes

It's time to Control the Fear. If you don't choose control your mind, it will be used to create Hell on Earth.

The Creative power of the Collective Consciousness, the mental power of some 7+ billion people is being used in order to create a reality that is more nightmare than dream, more Hell on Earth than Heaven. We are in the midst of the Great Reset, and Psychological Warfare is being used in subtle and not so subtle ways. If we do not choose to become conscious, to reclaim the power of our minds, then we choose to give our power away to something else...something with not so benevolent intentions.

The power has been consolidated into the hands of the few...but it is truly only an illusion. The power is ours, the power is in the collective, and it is time to reclaim that power.

Control your mind. Bring awareness to where your attention is going each day. Reclaim your energy. Learn how to settle your mind. Learn how to access the greater creative capacity of the Human Mind.

We cannot do it without you!

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