Becoming Crystalline

The Carnivore Cleanse - A Starseed's Review

May 22, 2022 Crys Armstrong Season 3 Episode 3
Becoming Crystalline
The Carnivore Cleanse - A Starseed's Review
Show Notes

In May of 2022 I committed to the 30 day Carnivore Cleanse. Spoiler didn't go well.

I thought maybe it was time to introduce more animal based foods into my diet to fill the gaps in the vegan nutritional profile, however, very quickly my body shut down. A session with sacred medicine confirmed what my body had already been showing me.

Not everyone is meant to eat a vegan diet, and I will never say that any diet is right or wrong, but please take my experience as a lesson in learning how to listen to your own body.

Experiment for yourself, but recognize that within one lifetime we can transcend the densities of these bodies, of our ancestral DNA. You are one with all that is, and you create your reality.

If you need nutritional support for your journey, please consider trying Purium. The 30 Day Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation is a powerful way to heal your gut and give your body the nutrition it is missing. Regenerate your body while you help regenerate our soil.

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If your body needs animal nutrition, consider these supplements as a clean and simple alternative:
Grass-Fed Beef Tallow
Grass-Fed Beef Liver
Wild Caught Salmon Fish Oil

To learn more about High Vibrational Nutrition, check out this book:
Lessons from a Living Lemuria

And remember to do your own research. I find the following speakers are very helpful when it comes to diet:
Mark Sisson - Primal Diet
Dr. Steven Gundry - Lectins & Gut Health
Dr. Paul Saladino

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